If you encounter problems with these programs, please email the DCFS support staff at is the centralized portal of Los Angeles County, Department of Children and Family Services available applications. acts as your app launcher, and it is displayed by default when you select Select the application in which you want to access and provide your credentials.

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    Emergency Child Care Bridge System

The Emergency Child Care Bridge System would provide access for child care navigators who work closely with DCFS CSWs and Caregiver to fulfil children' emergency child care needs.

    Fiscal Compliance System
Fiscal Compliance System is a web-based application for DCFS services contractors to enter their yearly fiscal Internal Control Questionnaire (ICQ) responses.

    e-Program Statement Submission System
The e-Program Statement Submission System (e-PSSS) is a web-based application for Foster Family Agency (FFA) and Short-Term Residential Therapeutic Program (STRTP) providers to submit their plan of operation and program statement for review and approval.

    Head Start Agency System
The DCFS Head Start Agency System allows agencies, once registered, to receive DCFS referrals that fall within their service areas and age range. On this system, agencies will be able to continue the enrollment process or indicate the reasons for non-enrollment. DCFS social workers will then receive email alerts indicating the enrollment status.

    Education Specialist Referral Services
The Education Specialist Referral Services system would provide access for education specialists who work closely with DCFS CSW to fulfil children' education needs.