The purpose of an Exit Interview is to allow departing or terminating employees the opportunity to provide honest feedback of the reason for leaving, and also
share concern, dissatisfaction and/or suggestions that will help the Department improve and retain valuable employees. It provides information to management
about what the Department is doing well and what needs to improve.
This information will not become a part of your permanent personnel record. Please be candid in your responses. For each question,
please check the appropriate box that corresponds to your answer. If you have additional comments, please write your comments
in the space provided.

1. General Information
*2. Please describe the primary reason(s) for leaving the Department of Children and Family Services?
3. Were your decisions to leave DCFS influenced by any of the following factors?
4. Were your expectation of the job and DCFS met?
*5. What were the positive aspects about your job, supervisor, manager and/or the Department that caused you to stay as you did?
*6. What do you consider to be the biggest challenge DCFS currently faces and needs to overcome?
*7. What would you recommend to management to make DCFS a better place to work?
8. Would you consider re-employment with DCFS?
*9. What if anything, could have been done to prevent you from leaving?
10. Please rate the following aspects of DCFS overall. Use 1-5 scale below
*11. What did you like MOST about your employment with DCFS? (check all that apply)
*12. What did you like LEAST about your employment with DCFS? (choose all that apply)
13. Do you have any other comments or suggestions?